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This category includes companies that make mineral wool and mineral wool insulation products made of such siliceous materials as rock, slag, glass, or combinations of these. Companies that primarily make asbestos insulation products are classified in SIC 3292: Asbestos Products, and those making textile glass fibers are classified in SIC 3229: Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware, Not Elsewhere Classified.

This industry's products include mineral wool acoustical board and tile; fiberglass insulation; glass wool; mineral wool roofing mats; and insulation made of rock wool, slag, and silica minerals. The value of industry shipments grew relatively steadily throughout the 1980s, from $2.3 billion in 1982 to a peak of $3.4 billion in 1988. However, the mineral wool industry--like others in the United States--was hit hard by a major recession in 1989; by 1991, the industry's value of shipments had fallen to $3.1 billion. By 1997, the industry rebounded with total shipments of $4.27 billion. Shipments climbed steadily throughout the late 1990s, reaching a peak of $4.53 billion in 2000. However, recessionary economic conditions in the early 2000s pushed shipments back to $4.52 billion in 2001. Despite the continued threat of a recession, industry shipments increased by the mid-2000s, driven in large part by a rapidly expanding housing market. Total value of shipped products increased from $5.89 billion in 2005 to $6.38 billion in 2006 before declining to $5.97 billion in 2007. Total value of shipments fell to $5.5 billion in 2008 as the effects of the recession of the late 2000s took hold, which included the collapse of the housing market.

This industry produced two major product categories: mineral wool for thermal and acoustical envelope insulation, which held 65 percent about of the market, and mineral wool for industrial, equipment, and appliance insulation, which accounted for about 32 percent of the market. The remaining three percent of industry sales were for a variety of other uses.

Within the first category, batt, blanket, and roll insulation products had the largest market share; this area includes the familiar fiberglass insulation found in residential attics. Fiberglass insulation used in the upper stories and ceilings of homes varies by type. Acoustical mineral wool holds the next highest market share in the mineral wool industry.

Within the second major category--industrial, equipment, and appliance insulation--sales are spread among four categories: special purpose insulation pieces, other, flexible blankets, and pipe insulation.

Owens Corning of Toledo, Ohio, was the leading manufacturer of mineral wool, with 2009 sales of just over $4.8 billion and approximately 16,000 employees. The company was also the leading U.S. maker of industrial asphalt and residential roof shingles. Owens Corning's Composites segment operated 35 manufacturing facilities in Texas, Tennessee, and South Carolina and globally in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Russia, Japan, and Korea. The Building Materials segment had 66 manufacturing facilities with locations in New York, Ohio, Kansas, California, Texas, and Georgia, as well as Ontario, China, and Mexico. Its Roofing business had 29 facilities located in Georgia, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, and Illinois. Finally, its Masonry Products and Construction Services had six locations in South Carolina and Florida.

Other leaders in the field included Knauf Insulation of Shelbyville, Indiana; CTA Acoustics Inc. of Madison Heights, Michigan; and Johns Manville Corporation of Denver, Colorado.

Employment for the industry remained stable throughout the 1980s, dropping from 19,700 in 1982 to 19,000 in 1990. In 2000, the mineral wool industry had a payroll of $873 million, and more than 21,000 people worked in the industry. By 2006, there were 321 establishments manufacturing mineral wool products, and total employment figures dropped to 18,789 with 15,636 engaged in production. Payroll totaled approximately $1.22 billion that year while the industry spent more than $2.47 billion on materials. The state with the largest number of establishments was Texas with 33, followed closely by California with 32 while Ohio was home to 22 mineral wool manufacturing companies. This industry segment exported approximately $700 million worth of material while importing nearly $490 million.

The economic recession that began in earnest in 2008 in the United States affected the industry negatively, which is reflected in both the value of products shipped and in employment numbers. Employment declined from 18,872 in 2007 to 17,732 in 2008 and value of products shipped slipped from $3.63 billion to $3.35 billion over the same period. As demand declined, companies looked to cut costs, which often meant cutting jobs. Owens Corning cut roughly 3,000 jobs between 2006 and 2009 to keep pace with the troublesome economy. Particularly hard hit was the insulation segments that depended on the housing sector, which was in deep decline in 2008 and 2009, when it hit a 50-year low for new housing starts. In 2008, Owens Corning recorded a net loss of $813 million; in 2009, the company managed to post a net income of $64 million despite ongoing weak demand.

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