Model Rectifier Corp.    



80 Newfield Ave. Ste. 4

Edison, NJ 08837

United States

(732) 225-2100

(732) 225-0091

Company description

Manufacturing: Manufactures rectifier transformers; manufactures toy transformers; wholesales hobby goods

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News and information about Model Rectifier Corp.

Wipo Publishes Patent of Tianjin University for "Active Front-End Rectifier Filter Latency Compensation Method Based on Model Predictive Control" (Chinese Inventors)
US Fed News Service, Including US State News; October 1, 2017; 522 words
...values, ifAlpha and ifBeta, under a two-phase stationary coordinate system; establishing an equivalent mathematical model rectifier on the basis of an actual voltage balancing equation (1) in an rectifier, and establishing an equivalent filter model...
Raytheon Vacuum Tubes Shine Again ; Company Engineer, Home Tinkerer Turns Them into Night Lights
AZ Daily Star; October 4, 2015; 700+ words
...pioneering electronics past.Tsukii is particularly proud of his collection of historically significant Raytheon B- and BH-model rectifier tubes.The large tubes were developed in the 1920s to adapt the widely used DC battery-operated radios of the day to...
Computer interface is a useful tool for MRC Prodigy DCC users.
Model Railroader; November 1, 2009; 700+ words
Model railroaders who use a Model Rectifier Corp. Prodigy, Prodigy Express, Prodigy Advance...interface), $59.98 (cable interface) Manufacturer Model Rectifier Corp. 80 Newfield Ave. Edison, NJ 08837 www.modelrectifier...
Tech 6 direct-current power pack.(Electronics and controls)(Brief article)
Model Railroader; October 1, 2009; 199 words
...controls for sound-equipped DC decoders, such as Broadway Limited's Blue Line. Two versions available: 2 amp capacity for HO scale and 6A capacity for O scale. Two-amp unit, $109.98; 6A unit, $269.98. Model Rectifier Corp.
Wiring your layout, part 2: cab bus.(DCC Corner)
Model Railroader; October 1, 2009; 700+ words bus. If you don't, your trains may operate poorly or you may damage the throttles or command station. Model Rectifier Corp. and all other manufacturers allow their buses to be daisy-chained. Digitrax, Lenz, and NCE state that Ts...
Manufacturer listings.(News & Products)(Directory)
Model Railroader; October 1, 2009; 700+ words Micro-Trains Line Co. P.O. Box 1200 Talent, OR 97540 541-535-1755 Model Rectifier Corp. 80 Newfield Ave. Edison, NJ 08837 732-225-2100 Model Tech Studios P.O. Box...
Synchronized smoke and new sounds highlight the Paragon2 HO scale Hudson.(Product Reviews)(Product/service evaluation)
Model Railroader; October 1, 2009; 700+ words
...performing other moves, while you work a yard or run another train. Performance tests. I ran the J-1e in DC using a Model Rectifier Corp. Tech 4 power pack and in DCC using an MRC Prodigy Advance system. The model ran well in both DC and DCC. In...
Kato N scale EMD SD70ACe scores high in appearance and performance.(Product Reviews)(Product/service evaluation)
Model Railroader; October 1, 2009; 700+ words
...the body shell pipe light from the LEDs to the headlights and ditch lights. We tested the model in DC using a Model Rectifier Corp. Tech 4 power pack. The model's mechanism is very smooth and quiet throughout its speed range. The Kato SD70ACe...

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Industry information

NAICS codes 
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Primary: 335311 - Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing

423920 - Toy and Hobby Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers