Miami Herald Publishing Co.    



1 Herald Plz.

Miami, FL 33132-1609

United States

(305) 350-2111

(305) 376-8950

Company description

Manufacturing: Newspaper publishing and offset printing.

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News and information about Miami Herald Publishing Co.

Internet Companies Can Legally Shut out Alt-Right
Examiner (Washington, D.C.), The; August 28, 2017; 700+ words
...against its will violates the company's own First Amendment rights -- and you would generally be correct. In Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo, the Supreme Court explained that such laws interfere with the publisher's right of editorial...
A News Industry 'Less Able' to Defend Freedom
States News Service; April 21, 2016; 700+ words
...2016 Jack Knight's Miami Herald disagreed. So did the U.S. Supreme Court, unanimously. In 1974, in Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo, the court overturned the state law. It was a notable example of the newspaper industry standing...
After the Financial Crisis, Wells Fargo's Corporate Comms Leader Is Constantly Sharpening the Bank's Reputation to Win Back the Trust of Consumers in the Communities It Serves
PR Week (US); June 1, 2015; 700+ words I said, 'Let me join the guys on the other side and see if I can help,'" Suris says. He joined the Miami Herald Publishing Co. as executive assistant to the chairman and publisher, and, following that, became director of corporate...
Natoli Wins Sfbj's CFO of the Year Award
States News Service; February 1, 2013; 453 words
...publisher, San Jose Mercury News President, Miami Herald Publishing Co. General manager/VP of operations/controller, Knight Ridder and The Miami Herald Publishing Co. Mentors UM President Donna Shalala and former...
Luxner Marks 10th Anniversary as Editor of CubaNews
Cuba News; June 1, 2012; 613 words
...whether you're holding a copy of CubaNews in your hands or reading it online. CubaNews was inaugurated by the Miami Herald Publishing Co. in September 1993, when the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the disintegration...
The First Amendment, the Courts, and "Picking Winners"
Washington Law Review; June 1, 2012; 700+ words
...It has never been part of the marketplace theory to demand that private actors and institutions govern themselves along the lines ofthat theory. In fact, in Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo,16 the U.S. Supreme Court specifical
Of Burning Houses and Roasting Pigs: Why Butler V. Michigan Remains a Key Free Speech Victory More Than a Half-Century Later
Federal Communications Law Journal; March 1, 2012; 700+ words
...3) Brandenburg v. Ohio, (4) Cohen v. California, (5) New York Times Co. v. United States, (6) Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo, (7) Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, (8) Texas v. Johnson, (9) Florida Star v. B...
Reporter who broke story of Gov. Sanford's affair to speak at the Media Law Conference.(Conference news)
Florida Bar News; March 1, 2010; 569 words
...executive editor of The Miami Herald, is the keynote speaker. Richard J. Ovelmen, former general counsel of The Miami Herald Publishing Co., will recall the life and times of famed First Amendment attorney Daniel P.S. Paul of Miami. He died...

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Industry information

NAICS codes 
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Primary: 511110 - Newspaper Publishers

323110 - Commercial Lithographic Printing


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Primary: 2711 - Newspapers: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing industry report

2752 - Commercial Printing, Lithographic industry report