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2 Marylebone Rd.

London, NW1 4DF

United Kingdom

Company description

Manufacturing: Provision of information, advice and education through the Which? subscriptions magazine

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Khula Divorce Cases Rise 48% in Kingdom
Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia); October 3, 2020; 501 words
...Jelban said the increasing divorce rates in the Kingdom are alarming and can have a "serious negative impact on the family, which is considered the core of society." Jelban said a solution to this problem is for couples to have counseling before they tie...
Chairperson's Note
Sister Namibia; October 1, 2018; 550 words
...in particular. As some NGOs can be considered as an extended arm of government, they often operate at grass roots level, which means those in rural communities that have benefited from NGO services are also suffering in these challenging economic conditions...
Marital Property When People Enter into a Marriage, This Has an Effect on Their Property. in Namibia There Are Two Common Marital Property Regimes Which Apply to Civil Marriages: "In Community of Property: And "Out of Community of Property"
Sister Namibia; October 1, 2018; 700+ words
...debts are combined into a joint estate which is managed by both spouses acting together...Zone" is similar to the "Red Line", which is a veterinary control fence aimed at...disease southwards. So civil marriages which take place north of the old "Police Zone...
Determinants of Capital Flight from Beautiful Places: The Case of the Small Open Economy of Trinidad and Tobago
The Journal of Developing Areas; October 1, 2018; 700+ words
...have either no impact on capital flight or a significant impact which caused either an increase or decrease.Financial liberalization...experienced increased capital flight post financial liberalization which amounted to a real sum of US$40.9 billion or an average...
Public and Private Investment Nexus in Bangladesh: Crowding-In or Out?
The Journal of Developing Areas; October 1, 2018; 700+ words
...view, if public investment is financed by domestic borrowing, it reduces the availability of funds for private investment which pushes the interest rates up in the domestic market and reduces private investment.Empirical evidence also shows no consensus...
The Effects of Remittances on Economic Growth: Reexamining the Role of Institutions
The Journal of Developing Areas; October 1, 2018; 700+ words
...growth importation hypothesis versus urgency hypothesis), which lay the foundation for developing theories around the remittance...enables us to test the robustness of the links and also to reveal which factors are significant for economic growth in each group of...
'TIS BETTER TO GIVE: I Knew I Was Not Supposed to Be Quite So Excited. I Was Too Old Tor That. at Age Eleven, the Oldest and My Mom's "Grown Up" Girl, I Had to Keep My Cool. I Was in Middle School after All
Sister Namibia; October 1, 2018; 645 words
...and felt every package, guessing at the contents within. I had examined each gift so often that I could tell which present went to which person without even looking at the tags. It had been a tough year for my family Whenever my mom looked over...
What Is Cervical Cancer?
Sister Namibia; October 1, 2018; 700+ words
...CANCER AND HIV RELATED? A woman who is HIV positive is at least five times more likely to be infected with persistent HPV, which leads to cervical cancer, than someone who is HIV negative. This is because with HIV positive women, the immune system is...

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Primary: 511120 - Periodical Publishers


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Primary: 2721 - Periodicals: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing industry report