Lutri Joint Stock Co.    



Ul. Vozrozhdeniya 11R

Lugansk, 91042


Company description

Manufacturing: Production, sale and export of textiles and knitwear

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Industry information

NAICS codes 
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are used to classify businesses for the purpose of collecting statistical data related to the U.S. economy. NAICS codes have been assigned to international companies to help organize all companies by type of activity.  

Primary: 315191 - Outerwear Knitting Mills

313210 - Broadwoven Fabric Mills

315192 - Underwear and Nightwear Knitting Mills

315221 - Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Underwear and Nightwear Manufacturing

315228 - Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Other Outerwear Manufacturing

315231 - Women's and Girls' Cut and Sew Lingerie, Loungewear, and Nightwear Manufacturing

315999 - Other Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing

424320 - Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings Merchant Wholesalers

424330 - Women's, Children's, and Infants' Clothing and Accessories Merchant Wholesalers


SIC codes 
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes classify establishments by their primary type of activity. SIC codes are a U.S. Census Bureau system but can apply to international companies.  

Primary: 2253 - Knit Outerwear Mills industry report

2231 - Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool industry report

2254 - Knit Underwear and Nightwear Mills industry report

2322 - Men's and Boys' Underwear and Nightwear industry report

2329 - Men's and Boys' Clothing, NEC industry report

2339 - Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Outerwear, NEC industry report

2341 - Women's, Misses', Children's, and Infants' Underwear and Nightwear industry report

5136 - men's and boys' Clothing and Furnishings industry report

5137 - Women's, Children's and Infants' Clothing and Accessories industry report