Guard Publishing Company Inc.    



3500 Chad Dr.

Eugene, OR 97408-7348

United States

(541) 485-1234

(541) 687-6682

Company description

Manufacturing: Newspaper publishing and printing.

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News and information about Guard Publishing Company Inc.

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The Register Guard (Eugene, OR); September 3, 2017; 700+ words
...confident most of you will find the changes an improvement over our existing mix. ***** In late June, Guard Publishing Company (the corporate entity that includes RG Media and The Register-Guard) published its inaugural benefit corporation...
Embracing Change at the R-G
The Register Guard (Eugene, OR); May 31, 2015; 700+ words
...that at The Orange County Register in Santa Ana, Calif. While Anderson also succeeds me as president of Guard Publishing Company, which owns the newspaper, he will be surrounded and supported by a host of Baker family members. He will...
NLRB Allows Employees to Use Employer Email Systems for Organizing Purposes, and Issues New Speedy Union Election Rule
Mondaq Business Briefing; January 13, 2015; 700+ words
...uniformly applied ban on non-business email use. This new ruling overturned the NLRB's 2007 decision in The Guard Publishing Company d/b/a The Register-Guard and Eugene Newspaper Guild, CWA Local 37194, 351 NLRB No. 17 (2007...
National Labor Relations Board Ruling Necessitates Review of Employer Email Policies
Mondaq Business Briefing; January 2, 2015; 700+ words purposes, including union organization. In its decision, the NLRB abandoned its holding in The Guard Publishing Company d/b/a The Register Guard and Eugene Newspaper Guild, CWA Local 37194 that employees have no statutory...
NLRB Gives Employees Right to Use Employer Email for Union Organizing
Mondaq Business Briefing; December 29, 2014; 700+ words
...circumstances that justify specific restrictions. In 2007, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued The Guard Publishing Company d/b/a The Register-Guard, 351 NLRB 1110 (2007), holding that an employer does not violate Section...
The Register Guard (Eugene, OR); August 4, 2013; 267 words
...grandsons and one great-grandson. He worked in the newspaper business his entire career, including with Guard Publishing Company for 33 years, retiring in October 2004. He coached baseball and softball for 35 years, and his wife was...
For the Record
The Register Guard (Eugene, OR); April 16, 2013; 700+ words
...contract. Suit seeks $16,795. Beneficial Oregon, Inc. vs. Robert L. Ditlefsen; Grace C. Ditlefsen; Guard Publishing Company; Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC; LVNV Funding, LLC; McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center and anyone claiming...
D.C. Circuit Overrules NLRB On Use Of E-Mail For Union Activity.
Mondaq Business Briefing; July 24, 2009; 636 words
...s August, 2000 e-mails constituted solicitations and therefore violated the newspaper's policy. The Guard Publishing Company, d/b/a The Register-Guard, 351 NLRB No. 70 (Dec. 16, 2007). The D.C. Circuit focused on the...

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NAICS codes 
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are used to classify businesses for the purpose of collecting statistical data related to the U.S. economy. NAICS codes have been assigned to international companies to help organize all companies by type of activity.  

Primary: 511110 - Newspaper Publishers


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Primary: 2711 - Newspapers: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing industry report