Molibdenos y Metales S.A.    



Huerfanos 812, 6th Fl.



56 02 368 3600

56 02 368 3653

Company description

Mining: Mining and processing of molybdenum oxide, molybdenum chemicals, sulphuric acid and copper cements

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News and information about Molibdenos y Metales S.A.

Timely launch of LME's moly pacts tied to warrant system.(London Metal Exchange Ltd.)(Brief article)
American Metal Market; January 18, 2010; 421 words remains confident that the date of Feb. 22 will be met, Abbott said. Chilean molybdenum converter Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet) was the first company to register its molybdic oxide brands for delivery against the new LME contracts...
Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet) expects to complete a deal to acquire 50 percent of China's Luoyang High-Tech Molybdenum & Tungsten Material (Luomo High-Tech) by April.(Brief article)
American Metal Market; December 22, 2009; 349 words
Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet) expects to complete a deal to acquire 50 percent of China's Luoyang High-Tech Molybdenum & Tungsten Material...
Amerigo cuts costs amid financial storm.(NONFERROUS)(Amerigo Resources Ltd.)(Brief article)
American Metal Market; December 31, 2008; 442 words
...arrangements with Chilean-owned copper smelter Empresa Nacional de Mineria (Enami) and molybdenum roaster Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet) to defer the negative copper and molybdenum price settlement adjustments, respectively, until the...
Rio has big plans ahead for molybdenum: Clayton.(NEWS)(Rio Tinto Co.)(Kennecott Utah Copper Corp.)(Bret Clayton)
American Metal Market; June 24, 2008; 700+ words
...the third quarter of 2010, enabling Rio to roast all of its molybdenum itself. Rio currently uses Chile's Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet) to roast its molybdenum, but this arrangement will come to an end when the new facility comes online...
Two moly executives killed in Swedish auto accident.(NEWS)(death of Terry Adams)(Obituary)(Brief article)
American Metal Market; May 29, 2008; 308 words
LONDON -- Terry Adams, owner of Adams Metals Ltd., Guildford, England, and Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet) executive Luis Casali died in a car crash in Sweden while visiting clients. The driver of the other car in the accident...
Thorn birds.(Melting Pot)
American Metal Market; October 29, 2007; 285 words
...assessment (EIA) filed in October last year for the development of a molybdenum plant in Mejillones, Chile, by Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet). Plans to build a plant capable of producing 35 million pounds of molybdenum annually have been...
Electrometals Technologies sued by Chilean customer.
RWE Business News Information Service; August 13, 2007; 610 words
...RWE Australian Business News) Electrometals Technologies Ltd (ASX:EMM) today said a Chilean customer, Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet), had commenced legal proceedings against Electrometals in the Queensland Supreme Court. The claim...
Molymet mulls plan to build $22m moly concentrate processing plant.(Nonferrous)(Brief article)
American Metal Market; October 3, 2006; 373 words
SANTIAGO, Chile -- Chilean molybdenum processor Molibdenos y Metales SA (Molymet) is planning to build a new molybdenum concentrate processing plant near Mejillones. The $22-million project will...

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Industry information

NAICS codes 
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are used to classify businesses for the purpose of collecting statistical data related to the U.S. economy. NAICS codes have been assigned to international companies to help organize all companies by type of activity.  

Primary: 212299 - All Other Metal Ore Mining

331419 - Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum)

331528 - Other Nonferrous Foundries (except Die-Casting)


SIC codes 
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes classify establishments by their primary type of activity. SIC codes are a U.S. Census Bureau system but can apply to international companies.  

Primary: 1099 - Miscellaneous Metal Ores, NEC industry report

3339 - Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper and Aluminum industry report

3369 - Nonferrous Foundries, Except Aluminum and Copper industry report