GOW-MAC Instrument Co.    



277 Brodhead Rd.

Bethlehem, PA 18017-8986

United States

(610) 954-9000

(610) 954-0599

Company description

Manufacturing: Analytical instruments

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News and information about GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

Medical Design Technology; June 1, 2017; 700+ words
...com CO2Meter, Inc. http://www.co2meter.com GOW-MAC Instrument Co. http://www.gow-mac.com NorthTree Associates...Forward Technology LLC http://www.forwardtech.com GOW-MAC Instrument Co. http://www.gow-mac.com InterTech Development...
Meters, Monitors and Electrochemical Equipment
Laboratory Equipment; December 1, 2014; 700+ words
...See our Ad on page 67 Tiger Optics, LLC http://www.tigeroptics.com TQC BV http://www.tqc.eu Helium Leak GOW-MAC Instrument Co. hltp://www.gow-mac.com Metal Magnetics Division, Global Equipment Mktg., Inc. http:// www.globalmagnetics...
A Hydrocarbon Analyzer with CO- and C[O.Sub.2]- Detection Options
Chemical Engineering; December 1, 2014; 363 words
...applications, including: gas-purity certification; inert-gas contaminant analysis; carbon-bed breakthrough detection; and ambient-air and emissions monitoring.--GOW-MAC Instrument Co., Lehigh Valley, Pa. www.gow-mac.com
Chromatography, Gas and SFC
Laboratory Equipment; December 1, 2014; 700+ words
...www.baselineindustries.com GOW-MAC Instrument Co. http://www.gow-mac.com...www.baselineindustries.com GOW-MAC Instrument Co. http://www.gow-mac.com...Inc. http://www.equipnetcom GOW-MAC Instrument Co. http://www.gow-mac.com...
Flexible Platform Allows for Customizable GC
Chromatography Techniques; September 1, 2014; 341 words
...wide-bore capillary or capillary. The oven has a temperature programming rate of 0.1 to 40 C/min in 1 C increments, and an oven cooling rate of 350 to 75 C in 5 min. GOW-MAC Instrument Co. www.gow-mac.com, 610-954-9000
Refurbished/Replacement TCDs Are Available for Legacy Varian GCs
Product News Network; August 14, 2014; 621 words
...www.gow-mac.com or contact GOW-MAC Instrument Co. at (610) 954-9000 to determine if...is available for their TCD/GC. About GOW-MAC Instrument Co. Founded in 1935, GOW-MAC[R] Instrument...
Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Provides Long Term Stability
Product News Network; June 2, 2014; 700+ words
...www.gow-mac.com or contact GOW-MAC by calling (610) 954-9000 for literature and complete details. About GOW-MAC Instrument Co. Founded in 1935, GOW-MAC[R] Instrument Co. is a leading manufacturer of high performance gas analysis analytical...
Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Measures Continuously
Laboratory Equipment; June 1, 2014; 299 words
GOW-MAC Instrument Co.'s Series 2300 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer is a microprocessor...straightforward navigation through settings and functions. GOW-MAC Instrument Co. www.gow-mac.com, 610-954-9000 [ILLUSTRATION...

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Industry information

NAICS codes 
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Primary: 334516 - Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing


SIC codes 
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Primary: 3826 - Laboratory Analytical Instruments industry report