Custom Tapes Inc.    



7125 W Gunnison St.

Chicago, IL 60706

United States

(708) 867-6060

Company description

Manufacturing: Manufactures pressure sensitive tape

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News and information about Custom Tapes Inc.

Online Shoppers Are Crushed by Cardboard
The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL; March 21, 2017; 700+ words idea and a concept, and they want to talk through it and share their plan and talk about printing multiple colors and custom tapes and stickers, Mintz said.All those boxes sitting on doorsteps have proved tempting for thieves, too. Sgt. Jim Gray...
Evaluating the Utility of Commercial Videotapes for Teaching Hand Washing to Children with Autism
Education & Treatment of Children; August 1, 2010; 700+ words
...Charlop-Christy & Daneshvar, 2003; LeBlanc et al., 2003; Taylor et al., 1999). A commercial video might differ from custom tapes in important ways such as limited similarity between the model and the learner and depiction of different materials or setting...
Sekuworks unveils new tamper void tapes.(INDUSTRY NEWS)(Brief article)
Label & Narrow Web; July 1, 2010; 414 words
...the Sekulock line of self wound tamper indicating void tapes that also provides anti-counterfeit and tracking features. Custom tapes adding multicolored graphics and additional security features are available. Sekulock self wound poly tape, designed to...
Pi Tape Corporation.(Brief Article)
Professional Remodeler; January 1, 2005; 229 words inch or millimeter measurements, they have accuracies of 0.001 inches and 0.03 mm according to the manufacturer. Custom tapes are also offered including wide and narrow, special length and tapes with special markings. Contact: 866/474-8273...
Diameter measurement tape.(Products)
Quality; January 1, 2005; 209 words
...line includes direct outside and inside diameter measuring tapes, go/no-go tapes, linear tapes and O-ring tapes. Custom tapes such as wide, narrow, special length and special markings are also available. Pi Tape Corp. (866) 474-8273 Reply...
Custom tapes: supplied in 54- or 60-inch rolls.(Fastening/Joining/Assembly)
Design News; September 8, 2003; 202 words
Specialty tapes for specific applications are available to solve problems like heat, moisture, and UV resistance; permanent adhesion; residue-flee release; and dissimilar substrates. Materials include acrylic, rubber, polyurethane, and silicone. Special backings and coatings are available. Tyco
Staying on top. (Q & A).
Adhesives Age; June 1, 2003; 700+ words
...testing for diabetes--as the incidence of this disease continues to increase-and other diagnostic tests. Demand for our custom tapes, laminates and lateral flow products is expected to continue as the percentage of population over the age of 50 and incidence...
Racing tapes. (Just for Fun).
Motor Age; May 1, 2003; 209 words
...tensile strength, but are designed to be easy to tear, as well as tear in a straight line. Available in a range of colors, custom tapes for specific applications, sizes and colors or specially printed logos also are available. Pro Tapes and Specialties Inc...

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Industry information

NAICS codes 
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Primary: 322222 - Coated and Laminated Paper Manufacturing


SIC codes 
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Primary: 2672 - Coated and Laminated Paper, NEC industry report