Cine Magnetics Inc.    



100 Business Park Dr.

Armonk, NY 10504-1750

United States

(914) 273-7500

(914) 273-7575

Company description

Services: Video duplication/DVD replication.

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News and information about Cine Magnetics Inc.

Everett Hall Honored with the Adele De Berri Pioneers of Av Award
States News Service; June 13, 2012; 616 words
...cinematographer for Pan Am can still be seen today in travelogues and documentaries. After his time with Pan Am, Hall founded Cine Magnetics, where most of his innovations were born. Today, Everett Hall Associates is one of the oldest operating AV firms in the...
Contract Award: New Jersey Department of Treasury Awards Contract for CDs, DVDs and VHS duplication services
US Fed News Service, Including US State News; December 15, 2010; 242 words
...Purchase and Property has awarded a contract (Index No. T-2378) for CDs, DVDs and VHS duplication services to Cine Magnetics Inc. as published on Dec. 14. Solicitation Number: 38360 Contract Period: Jan. 1, 2006 to Dec. 31, 2010 Bid...
The silly season gets serious: the annual autumn manufacturing ramp-up to the year-end holiday sales season this year also confronts a lingering economic recession and uncertainty about Blu-ray's first big sales opportunity. Dan Daley finds out more.(business)
One to One; October 1, 2009; 700+ words
...s new shape was fully revealed. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Bob Orzack, former vice president and now a consultant with Cine Magnetics, a mid-tier replicator in a suburb of New York City that services a wide range of entertainment film and video content...
AIMMA greens the organisation: a group of mid-tier replicators and duplicators known for clever ideas shows how to turn ecologically sound practices into a boost for business.(business)
One to One; July 1, 2009; 700+ words
...and have been awarded the organisation's green practices certification: VSG, DVC, Video Labs, Americ Disc, IMS and Cine Magnetics. Members are not charged a fee to participate in the programme. AIMMA'S GREEN INITIATIVE IS BROKEN DOWN INTO THREE MAIN...
Counting the cost of Blu-ray licensing: a number of issues need to be addressed if Blu-ray is to fulfil its potential. Key is the cost of obtaining the necessary licences and the time involved in doing so.(technology)
One to One; April 1, 2009; 700+ words
...holder is required to use AACS. CSS, for example, is not required for DVD replication." Bob Orzack, vice president at Cine Magnetics and a member of the American Independent Media Manufacturers Association (AIMMA) licensing task force, says the AACS...
On target to be green--metallization and recycling. with media manufacturing, Dan Daley discovers that metallizing is one area that is particularly fastidious about waste and recycling.(technology)
One to One; May 1, 2008; 700+ words
...ultrasonic cleaning process are basically the same," explains Dan Patrick, director of optical disc manufacturing at Cine Magnetics in New York. "The codes governing the handling of industrial metal have been tightened over time, but you conform to...
Categorical listing.
Response; December 1, 2004; 700+ words
...Company LLC Web Direct Marketing Inc. CD/DVD REPLICATION Affusion Media LLC AHL Media Corp. Braun Media Services Carbon 42 Cine Magnetics Digital & Video Laboratories Golden Millennium Productions Inc. ICCA The Magnetix Group National Fulfillment North Country...
Authoring company gets director of operations.(Cine Magnetics Video & Digital Laboratories hires Maggie MacDermott)(Brief Article)
Video Store; June 8, 2003; 211 words
Cine Magnetics Video & Digital Laboratories has made Maggie McDermott its director...subtitling, authoring, compression and duplication. Prior to joining Cine Magnetics, McDermott held positions with DirecTV, Playboy TV, GTE and MGM...

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Industry information

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Primary: 512191 - Teleproduction and Other Postproduction Services


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Primary: 7819 - Services Allied to Motion Picture Production industry report