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Tough choices.(Federal Aviation Administration's grant for noise control)(Brief Article)
January 1, 2005 ... TOUGH CHOICES: Organizers of the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) so far have received 88 research proposals in ten subject areas, including seven related to noise (see story, p. 4). With just $3 million in funding for the current...

Tough times.(aviation pollution)(Brief Article)
January 1, 2005 ... TOUGH TIMES: With emissions challenging noise as the top aviation environmental issue, expect noise mitigation programs to come under greater scrutiny. Other factors that could impact such efforts include the industry's uncertain...

Quote of the month.
January 1, 2005 ... QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "As aviation grows, we must reduce aircraft noise and emissions, as well as contaminants from airports. Aviation simply must become a better neighbor." --FAA's Integrated National Plan for the Next Generation Air ...

Airport study finds elevated levels of residential noise.(Aviation)(LaGuardia International Airport)
January 1, 2005 ... A study of communities near New York City's LaGuardia International Airport concluded that residents are exposed to high levels of noise, but that additional research is necessary to determine how much of it is caused by aviation and related...

Noise reduction seen as a key to aviation expansion.(Aviation)
January 1, 2005 ... Taming noise and other environmental impacts of aviation is a prerequisite for transforming the nation's air traffic system to meet future demand, according to the federal government's long-term aviation plan. In a report to Congress, the...