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Put down the edict and no one gets hurt.(Medical Edge)
July 1, 2004 ... Good news, Comrades. Central planning is alive in America and perhaps at your company. Central planning, of course, was made infamous by the former Soviet Union. It led to mostly bad decisions by people far removed from problems they were...

SurModics Inc.(Brief Article)
July 1, 2004 ... Two new polymer matrices, the Encore Drug Delivery polymer matrix and the Accolade Microparticle Drug Eluting system help release drugs from medical device surfaces. The Encore matrix, from SurModics Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn., controls...

The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG).(Brief Article)
July 1, 2004 ... The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG) is a public and private partnership founded by the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, UPMC Heath System, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The PLSG's supports new start-up...

ImageTherm.(ImageTherm Sudbury)(Brief Article)
July 1, 2004 ... For drug characterization and reporting, the pharmaceutical industry has used thin-layer chromatography (TLC)-plate spray pattern, still-image photographic testing, and paper-based records for decades. But the FDA now recommends the...

Pressure pulses tell: good arteries? Bad arteries?(Industry News)(AtCor Medical)(Brief Article)
July 1, 2004 ... An instrument from AtCor Medical, Fountainville, Pa., ( calculates a central blood-pressure profile from an external pressure transducer, providing a noninvasive method for assessing the stiffness of a person's arteries....