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3 experts detail internal controls and systems for import valuation.(AAEI Conference Highlights)
November 1, 2004 ... Correct valuation of imported goods, one of an import manager's most basic responsibilities, is fraught with challenges and complexities. The stakes are also high, since failure to perform correct valuation can lead to delays in release of...

DHS plan to require container seals motivates adoption of 13 cargo security best practices.
November 1, 2004 ... On Sept. 14, 2004, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS; announced plans to require use of non-electronic, high-security seals on all of the roughly seven million marine containers currently entering the United States. The...

AESPcLink software, free from census, now network enabled.
November 1, 2004 ... With mandatory Automated Export System (AES) electronic filing for all exports requiring an SED set to begin in early 2005, new improvements to the Census AES system are extremely timely. As of fall 2004, AESDirect, the free Census-supported...

Customs expert explains ABCs of Post-NAFTA FTA 'Template'.(AAEI Conference Highlights)(North American Free Trade Agreement)(Free Trade Agreement)
September 1, 2004 ... For export or import pros thoroughly confused by the rash of ever-proliferating Foreign Trade Agreements (FTAs), each with its own set of complex rules for qualifying goods for preferential duty treatment, a presentation at the June...

Two Web sites for international trade professionals.(Managing Exports Miscellany)
September 1, 2004 ... * Two Web sites for international trade professionals. 1) The IPANET ( site, which is run by a World Bank agency, has thousands of free downloadable research documents. For country profiles, click on "Business: Country...