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Letter from the Editor
June 22, 2017 ... With this issue, the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics enters its 45th year of publication. We are proud to be stewards of a publication that has been at the center of debates for more than four decades, and one that has published some of...

Covert Medication: Legal, Professional, and Ethical Considerations
June 22, 2017 ... The administration of medication covertly is surprisingly common in healthcare, yet at the same time is highly underreported due to a lack of guidance for this practice. Since the use of covert medication has potential legal, ethical, and...

Proof in the Pudding: The Value of a Rights Based Approach to Understanding the Covert Administration of Psychotropic Medication to Adult Inpatients Determined to Be Decisionally-Incapable in Ontario's Psychiatric Settings
June 22, 2017 ... Introduction This paper considers the law's role in promoting and protecting mental health as illustrated by the example of the covert administration of medication. Covert medication to a person who is capable of consenting to treatment is a...

The Covert Administration of Medications: Legal and Ethical Complexities for Health Care Professionals
June 22, 2017 ... The practice of covertly administrating medications to patients likely occurs in hospitals, long term care residents and within the family home. (1) Concealing medications in the patient's food and drink is a practice that should be viewed from...

Deception in Caregiving: Unpacking Several Ethical Considerations in Covert Medication
June 22, 2017 ... Introduction Deception is very common in caregiving, both in healthcare institutions and in caregiving in the community. Eleven percent of patients in nursing homes are given medication covertly, and seventeen percent of patients in...