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Listening to our readers--continued.(From the Editor-in-Chief.)
June 22, 2009 ... Previous "From the Editor-in-Chief" commentaries have discussed the objectives and approaches of the journal of Validation Technology (JVT). In brief, we aim to provide readers with useful information based on scientific and technical...

Bringing every aspect of validation to our readers.(From the Coordinating Editor.)
June 22, 2009 ... As the evolution of the Journal of Validation Technology (JVT) continues to take place, the search for new topics generates new columns. New for this issue of JVT is "Microbiology Topics," coordinated by Scott Sutton, Ph.D., of Vectech...

Richard Forsyth.(EAB Spotlight.)
June 22, 2009 ... This special section of the Journal of Validation Technology has been created to highlight individual members of our Editorial Advisory Board. Richard Forsyth is an industry consultant with a background in cleaning validation and...

Brian K. Nunnally, Ph.D.(EAB Spotlight.)
June 22, 2009 ... Brian K. Nunnally, Ph.D., is in charge of process validation for Wyeth in Sanford, North Carolina. His group is responsible for all process technical services and validation for the Sanford vaccines plant. Dr. Nunnally previously worked in...

Does international harmonization of the USP Microbial Limits Tests require re-validation of finished product tests?(Microbiology Topics.)
June 22, 2009 ... Welcome to "Microbiology Topics." This column discusses various topics in microbiology of practical use in validation and compliance. We intend this column to be a useful resource for daily work applications. Considerations...