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Family systems training in psychiatric residencies.
September 1, 2005 ... Both extensive research and common sense dictate that attention to families is necessary for appropriate care of psychiatric patients. However, training in family skills has often been difficult to integrate into psychiatric residency...

Multiracial recruitment in the field of family therapy: an innovative training program for people of color.
September 1, 2005 ... This article describes the creation of a training program designed to increase the number of family therapists of color in the family therapy field. In 1992, a partnership between New York City schools of social work, community agencies, and...

Systemic training for healthcare professionals: the Chicago Center for Family Health approach.
September 1, 2005 ... There has been increasing interest in family-centered, collaborative, biopsychosocial models of care by health and mental health professionals and consumers. This trend has led to growing demand and development of specialized training in...

Training for a new generation.
September 1, 2005 ... Teachers ... can never tell where their influence stops. Henry Brooks Adams (1907) ********** In earlier times, the pages of this and other family systems journals were replete with articles dealing with training models and ...

Challenges of an outcome-based perspective for marriage and family therapy education.
September 1, 2005 ... Marriage and family therapy (MFT) and marriage and family therapy education (MFTE) have undergone many changes during the short history of MFT. This article describes the current trends and controversies in MFTE, including shifts toward...