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GPR Rankings of Top Producers, Processors Out Next Week.
June 10, 2009 ... Hart Energy Publishing's Gas Processors Report will publish on June 17, 2009, a quantitative ranking of the top NGL producers and gas processors in the United States for 2008. The data used to calculate the proprietary ranking are currently...

Crosstex to Sell MS, AL and South TX Assets.(Crosstex Energy LP)(Southcross Energy LLC)(Brief article)
June 10, 2009 ... Crosstex Energy LP signed a definitive agreement to sell its assets in Mississippi, Alabama and South Texas to Southcross Energy LLC for $220 million by the end of July in order to pay down its outstanding debt, which is over $200 million. ...

RCH Energy's Maher: Distribution Cuts Not Indicative of MLP Market.
June 10, 2009 ... As the economy has at least shown signs of stabilizing, if not recovering, the MLP market still represents a more stable and safer investment than the overall stock market, according to Sean Maher, senior portfolio manager at RCH Energy MLP...

Derivatives Exchanges Support OTC Trading Reform.
June 10, 2009 ... Representatives of CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) Group and IntercontinentalExchange told U.S. House subcommittee Tuesday that they are in favor of over-the-counter trading reform. CME Group Executive Chairman Terrence Duffy was...

Choosing the Right Money: Money Match-Makers Proceed Cautiously.
June 10, 2009 ... Matching the right kind of money to energy startups, strategies and projects has always been a key to success, but today, matchmaking is more difficult. Money is harder to come by, capital providers are choosier and the deal pace is slower,...