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A semi-monthly newsletter on news and issues in the diesel fuel industry. Topics include additives, premium diesel, trend analysis, technology, engine technology, and marketing strategies.

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'Fuels for Advanced Combustion Engines' Diesel Report due This Summer.
June 8, 2009 ... The U.S.-based auto/oil research group, Coordinating Research Council (CRC), aims to release a first-ever diesel version of the "fuels for advanced combustion engines" (FACE) research report by mid-summer 2009. As CRC deputy director...

CARB's Low-Sulfur Marine Gasoil/Diesel Regulations Face Crucial June 25 Court Hearing:.
June 8, 2009 ... California Air Resources Board has set a July 1 enforcement date for its low-sulfur marine gasoil/diesel rule hitting ocean ships operating in or near California ports. But a U.S. District Judge on June 2 threw-out CARB's request to delay a...

Electrostatic Gasoline Ignition Technology Seen Competing with Diesels.
June 8, 2009 ... BorgWarner announced June 2 that it has purchased a novel high-frequency gasoline engine ignition technology from Florida-based Etatech, Inc. The technology "enables high-performing, lean burning engines to significantly improve fuel...

ExxonMobil CEO Agrees that U.S. Gasoline Demand Has Peaked, Diesel Will Grow:.
June 8, 2009 ... As noted in reports including Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg , ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson told reporters following the company's annual meeting late last month that U.S. gasoline demand "likely peaked in 2008," but diesel demand will...

Volvo Launching 1st Diesel PHEVs in 2012.
June 8, 2009 ... Volvo announced June 1 that it will launch plug-in hybrid electric hybrid vehicles (PHEV) with diesel engines in 2012 -- the first world automaker to announce a diesel PHEV. The launch, starting in diesel-oriented Europe, comes as Volvo ...