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A splash of colors.(Mexico)
November 1, 2005 ... Every time you eat a chocolate bar or drink a cup of cocoa, you can say thank-you to Mexico. Have you ever swatted at a pinata at a birthday party or eaten a tortilla or a taco? Are you a fan of cowboys and rodeos? Mexico again. It's easy to...

Shake, rumble, and roll.(Mexico: a land of contrasts)
November 1, 2005 ... Do you like high mountains, deserts, or rain forests? Would you prefer sandy beaches and palm trees by the ocean? Whichever suits you, Mexico has it somewhere. Mexico is a land of contrasts. It has lowlands and highlands, with a plateau...

Empire, conquest, and independence.(Mexico and Spain)
November 1, 2005 ... Mexico is a blend of cultures and peoples. Some Mexicans have roots in Spain, while others are descendants of the earliest peoples who settled the region. Some are descended from Africans who were taken as slaves during the colonial period....

Fiesta Mexico.
November 1, 2005 ... Almost every day of the year, a fiesta, or festival, takes place somewhere in Mexico. Most Mexicans are Roman Catholics, and many holidays are connected with their religion. But a growing number of people embrace other Christian...

Indians make up about one-fourth of Mexico's population.(Brief Article)
November 1, 2005 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Captions: Indians make up about one-fourth of Mexico's population. They speak over 50 different languages, including Nahuatl, Maya, and Zapotec. Here, a Zapotec mother carries her child in a colorful rebozo.