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Empire, conquest, and independence.(Mexico and Spain)
November 1, 2005 ... Mexico is a blend of cultures and peoples. Some Mexicans have roots in Spain, while others are descendants of the earliest peoples who settled the region. Some are descended from Africans who were taken as slaves during the colonial period....

Mexican--American war.(Brief Article)
November 1, 2005 ... * In 1836, a large group of American settlers Today, the United States and Mexico are good neighbors but in the 1800s, they went to war over Texas, From the time of Spanish rule, Mexico claimed most of the land living in Texas became unhappy...

Mexico acrostic.(Brief Article)
November 1, 2005 ... Fill in with the answer to each clue. The letters in the corn kernels will spell the name of a delicious Mexican dish. 1. The native people whom Cortes attacked _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. A fiesta to celebrate the defeat of French troops ...

Tasty treats.(Mexican cooking)
November 1, 2005 ... Here are two simple Mexican treats to make. Be sure to have an adult helper when you use a knife or the stove. Pinata Party Here's how to make a pinata. The main ingredient is papiermache, which is made from newspaper strips and...

Shake, rumble, and roll.(Mexico: a land of contrasts)
November 1, 2005 ... Do you like high mountains, deserts, or rain forests? Would you prefer sandy beaches and palm trees by the ocean? Whichever suits you, Mexico has it somewhere. Mexico is a land of contrasts. It has lowlands and highlands, with a plateau...