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Fast Forward.(business automation)
April 1, 2005 ... Byline: Karen Berman Top Picks In the market for picking technologies? Chances are you're looking for advice. Dave Piasecki, principal of Inventory Operations Consulting in Kenosha, WI, offers the following insights: *Do your...

Economy What's New.(consumer spending and household income)(Brief Article)
April 1, 2005 ... Affluent Influence It may not feel like it, but financially, we're better off now than we were a few years ago, according to The Conference Board. The number of U.S. households with discretionary income rose from 54 million in 1997-1998 to 57...

critics' choice.(Directory)
April 1, 2005 ... This year's Order Management Software Review includes grades and ranks for each major software function from the vendors' own perspective, giving you a chance to see where they believe their strengths lie. Of course, like proud parents, they...

Successful Seasonal Hiring HELP WANTED.
April 1, 2005 ... Byline: PENNY REYNOLDS A mere 275 shopping days until Christmas! While you may have a while before you need to address your holiday cards, the time is approaching rapidly for you to implement a staffing plan to handle the holiday rush in...

Home, Sweet Home.
April 1, 2005 ... Byline: Barbara Arnn Anecdotally, it appears that a sort of informal backlash against offshore agents has resulted in lower customer satisfaction ratings for some companies. A recent study by Forrester Research Inc. indicates that help...