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The Mobile Phone in India and Nepal: Political Economy, Politics and Society
September 1, 2012 ... This collection invites readers to consider the consequences of the use of mobile phones by masses of people in India and Nepal. (1) Since its arrival in India in 1994, the mobile phone has provoked bitter struggles among some of India's biggest...

Cellular Mobile in India: Competition and Policy
September 1, 2012 ... Introduction Telecommunications in India has been one of the success stories of economic reforms that increased GDP growth to 9 percent from the earlier "Hindu rate of growth" of 3 percent. The number of telephone connections per one hundred...

The Mobile Communications Services Industry in India: Has It Led to India Becoming a Manufacturing Hub for Telecommunication Equipment?
September 1, 2012 ... Introduction India's telecommunications industry is considered to be one of the more successful stories to have emerged from India's attempt at liberalization. This is indicated by the fact that the country offers among the cheapest...

Dragon in the Elephant's Backyard: Chinese Imports in India's Mobile Revolution
September 1, 2012 ... The first decade of the current century was remarkable for the Indian economy for several reasons. The more obvious ones among these include figuring among the world's top ten large economies (whether measured by GDP [gross domestic product] in...

Shutting Down the Mobile Phone and the Downfall of Nepalese Society, Economy and Politics
September 1, 2012 ... Social media over the Internet, instant messaging, and the short messaging service (sms) of the mobile phone have been credited (or blamed) for the August 2011 riots in London (1) and the revolutions in North Africa. (2) If the cause of the...