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Contradictions of Capitalist Development
November 1, 2017 ... In their renowned book, The Deindstrialization of America (1984), Barry Bluestone and Bennet Harrison describe what deindustrialization has wrought for workers in the manufacturing "core" of the Northeast United States: "Their very jobs are...

The Short Run
November 1, 2017 ... Give Up the Dough Nike recently premiered a new commercial, titled "Want It All," showing a young basketball player envisioning his future career--from the playground, to basketball camps, to Duke, and ultimately to the NBA. The ad features...

Putting Land and Power Back into Economics
November 1, 2017 ... Here's a desperately needed new book to revitalize not only urban economics, but our whole approach to economics--micro, macro and muddled. While the authors draw their examples from Great Britain, their lessons pertain far more broadly. The...

Transnational Capitalism and Transnational Labor
November 1, 2017 ... Dollars & Sense: If we look at a world map showing GDP growth rates in 2009 or 2010, during the Great Recession, we see most of the high-income countries of North America, Europe, and East Asia with negative growth rates. Meanwhile, we see...

Kingsbury in the Golden Age: 1958 to 1982
November 1, 2017 ... The photo on the title page of this article shows Kingsbury Machine Tool in its heyday, 1969. One year earlier the programmable logic controller (PLC) had been invented in Massachusetts. At Kingsbury, the PLC replaced miles of wire in...