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BPM for the rest of us.(BUSINESS RULES)(business process management)(Column)
December 1, 2004 ... I marvel at the incredible pace of progress in business process management (BPM): modeling and managing critical processes from start to finish, with any-to-any connectivity between business systems and continuous monitoring of key...

The Hallmark of multichannel publishing.(UPSHOT)
December 1, 2004 ... There's multichannel publishing, and then there's the multimedia juggling act orchestrated by the Hallmark Channel, an international cable TV provider that promotes its programming through video trailers, radio spots, newspaper and magazine...

Repeat to succeed: why build from scratch when you can reuse proven processes? To ensure BPM success, design components you can use again and again throughout your organization.(BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT)
December 1, 2004 ... "Men in business affairs come near perfection, then fail. If they were as attentive at the end as at the beginning, their business would succeed." These are not the words of a modern-day management consultant, but of the Chinese...

Five steps to BPM success: business process management deployments can be daunting, but these five best practices--from prioritizing projects to communicating goals--will help ensure enterprisewide success.(BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT)
December 1, 2004 ... 5 Business Process Management (BPM) initiatives can yield huge benefits - streamlined processes, improved customer service, more effective compliance and risk management, and improved responsiveness in changing business conditions--but only...

Prepare for the moles to pop up.(business process management softwares)
December 1, 2004 ... Sometimes solving one problem can bring unexpected consequences. Every summer when I was young, my family would spend a week at Lake George, NY. Aside from eating ice cream and swimming, I spent hours in the arcades playing a game called...