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Spam-a-lama-ding-dong. (Editor's Note).(Editorial)
July 7, 2003 ... Is it just me, or has some cosmic energy surge disrupted the delicate fabric of space and time, sending the calendar backward to a previous era--say, 1999? Only, it's a 1999 turned on its head, rendered twisted, weird, through its journey...

Good cops, bad cops: cracking down on white-collar crime. (Commentary).
July 7, 2003 ... Promising more cops On the street is a surefire way for politicians to win points on the campaign trail. Voters buy the logic that more police officers on the beat will keep them safer--but it's debatable. Consider this: Regina has more cops...

Raise the cone of silence. (Analysts and the Media).
July 7, 2003 ... Times are changing at RBC Capital Markets, Canada's leading brokerage, as it unwinds restrictions on equity analysts that had made the firm a closed shop to the media. RBC says it is well along a process that will give its roster of 34...

Heavy breathing, Island-style: PEI tourism's sex-line adventure. (Commentary).(advertising error for Prince Edward Island Tourism)
July 7, 2003 ... It's the kind of blunder that would leave Anne of Green Gables as crimson as her fabled hair. Because of a Boston Globe misprint in a travel article, Americans recently found themselves calling an advertising line for phone sex rather than...

On the radar.(Canadian economic news July 2003)(Calendar)
July 7, 2003 ... [JULY 15] Rate date Will Bank of Canada governor David Dodge continue to hold rates steady? Or will the rising loonie and the double blow of SARS and mad cow cause him to chop, chop, chop? All will be answered on July 15. [JULY...