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Boom (nuclear) and bust (economic) in Asia.
June 22, 1999 ... The Asian Century may be upon us, but it is not exactly the one we thought was coining. Processes long unfolding beneath the surface of settled assumptions finally erupted in the nuclear explosions conducted by India and Pakistan and in the...

The demolition of double standards.(includes related article on former Indian Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao's views on his country's nuclear policy)(nuclear testing in India and Pakistan)(Interview)
June 22, 1999 ... Though the non-proliferation fiction held for nearly a decade after the Cold War, India and Pakistan have now demolished any pretense. The nuclear tests in South Asia pose the same millennial question raised by Nobel laureate Joseph Rotblat:...

The end of nuclear colonization.(India's nuclear weapons testing)
June 22, 1999 ... NEW DELHI - India's nuclear policy remains firmly committed to one basic tenet: In a world of nuclear proliferation, our national security lies either in global disarmament or in the exercise of the principle of equal and legitimate security...

The mother of all gambles.(India's nuclear weapons testing)
June 22, 1999 ... NEW DELHI - The prime minister states that he is "deeply concerned at the deteriorating security environment, especially the nuclear environment." If that statement is even 50 percent correct, all questions must cease immediately; the debate...

What Islamic bomb?(interview with Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif about nuclear testing)(Interview)
June 22, 1999 ... NPQ You are hesitant to call Pakistan's capability an "Islamic bomb." Why is it so, especially when the Ummah (the Islamic world community - ed.) is intent on offering you full support? NAWAZ SHARIF Let me first reiterate that we have...