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A Better Way to Crack China.(International Pages)(Brief Article)(Abstract)
July 1, 2000 ... As Kodak has discovered, it's now possible to establish Western-style corporations in China. The vast Chinese market has always attracted foreign companies, but very few have been able to capitalize on the opportunities the country ...

ENTREPRENEURS Versus EXECUTIVES at Socaba.com.(Brief Article)
July 1, 2000 ... Joe Castle, cofounder of Socaba.com, pushed open the door to Dave Souza's apartment with his shoulder. He was balancing two pizzas and a six-pack of local microbrew in his arms. Dave, meeting him just as the door swung open, took the pizzas...

Waking Up IBM: How a Gang of Unlikely Rebels Transformed Big Blue.(Brief Article)
July 1, 2000 ... Six years ago, IBM was a has-been. Today, it's an e-business powerhouse. It didn't turn around by imposing change from the top. it let ideas, initiatives, and enthusiasm bubble up from below. Maybe your company should do the same. Do YOU...

When Bots Collide.(Internet/Web/Online Service Information)(Brief Article)(Abstract)
July 1, 2000 ... First there were shopbots, now pricebots. Is your company ready for the agent economy? Many buyers on the Internet routinely use shopbots--software agents, such as those deployed by Evenbetter.com and mySimon.com, that automatically...

Eboys: The First Inside Account of Venture Capitalists at Work.(Abstract)(Brief Article)(Review)
July 1, 2000 ... Randall E. Stross (Times Business 2000) Venture capitalists have replaced investment bankers in the business spotlight. But rather than profiling a star this book focuses on an egalitarian team of VC partners, the Benchmark Group,...