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E-retail sales start 2005 strong, expected to continue.(MANAGEMENT)
August 1, 2005 ... New figures from the US Department of Commerce indicate that the online economy continues to surge forward. The Commerce Department estimates that US retail e-commerce sales for the first quarter of 2005 totaled $19.8 billion on a...

Are business blogs worth the time and money?(MANAGEMENT)
August 1, 2005 ... When it comes to business, are blogs the wave of the future or just another communications tool? Should your company invest time and resources in blogs, or concentrate on the many other Internet initiatives that are on your plate? And who's...

Marketing to Mom: eleven ways to infuse your business establishment with "The Mom Factor".(MARKETING)
August 1, 2005 ... A groundbreaking new book from Urban Land Institute explains how Moms decide where to spend their time and money in restaurants, stores, theme parks, and other family attractions. Listen to your mother. It's good advice for practically ...

Candles have an enlightening history.(Candles and Scented Merchandise: Still Glowing, Still Growing)
August 1, 2005 ... For years, candles have been a part of our history; whether it's a birthday, holiday, celebration, funeral or religious custom, candles are used nearly every day to signify important occasions in our lives. While they take on a variety of...

Quick tips help increase candles as gifts sales.(Candles and Scented Merchandise: Still Glowing, Still Growing)
August 1, 2005 ... According to a recent survey by the National Candle Association (NCA), nearly 80 percent of Americans give candles as gifts for holidays, here are some unique ideas from the NCA to help make your gift candle section a more important part of...