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Online information industry profit margins reach 18.3% in first quarter.(Google company sales)(Financial report)
May 15, 2006 ... Operating profit margins reached an aggregate 18.3% for the 22 most prominent publicly traded companies in the online information industry on the strength of Google, according to EIR's first quarter 2006 Profitability Index. The performance...

VNU brass: Valcon may have last laugh with revised $11 billion offer.(Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeversbedrijven B.V.)(Knight-Vinke)
May 15, 2006 ... Just when it seemed activist VNU (Haarlem, the Netherlands) shareholder Knight-Vinke (New York) had the upper hand in its effort to nullify a takeover bid by private equity consortium Valcon and close in with its own bid for the company,...

Microsoft to invest $1.1 billion on MSN Internet strategy.(Brief article)
May 15, 2006 ... Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, Wash.) wrapped up a big week that included the rollout of a new Internet advertising engine and a deal to produce original video content on MSN, with an announcement that it plans to spend an additional $1.1 billion...

EIR's Q1 2006 profitability index.(first quarter)(Statistical table)
May 15, 2006 ... EIR's Q1 2006 Profitability Index (in millions of U.S. dollars) Q1 2006 Q1 2005 Quarterly Company Revenue Revenue Change Value Line (1) $21.6 $21.1 ...

AOL cuts 1,300 employees; considers options for Europe unit.(America Online Inc)
May 15, 2006 ... AOL (Dulles, Va.) last week cut about 1,300 customer service jobs and is closing its Jacksonville, Fla., call center as the company adjusts to declining dial-up subscriptions. The layoffs, which also include customer service centers in Ogden,...