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Don't Show Me the Money!
October 1, 2009 ... New independent, academic research to be published next year in a scholarly journal lends long-needed scientific support to the long-held experience of incentive professionals on why non-cash incentives are preferable to cash. The research,...

TOP MERCHANDISE PICKS: Redemption Guaranteed.
September 22, 2009 ... Even in a struggling economy, business is always good for somebody. Employees and channel sales partners are still earning incentive awards--and some are more popular than others. Incentive poked around in a number of award categories to find...

TOP GIFT CARDS: Stalwarts of the Market.
September 18, 2009 ... If you're designing a gift card program for deserving employees, clients, and partners, which cards are redemption sure-shots that will get participants motivated? We asked some of the incentive industry's biggest gift card providers for...

Debit and Stored-Value Cards: Universal Workhorses.
August 18, 2009 ... Fiscal conditions continue to yield opportunities in the open-loop prepaid sector of the corporate gift card market. As these incentive cards offer program participants nearly unlimited redemption options, companies benefit from their...

Corporate Social Responsibility: Gifting for Good.
August 13, 2009 ... In a normal year, Lisa DaSilva, an Orlando-based incentive and recognition consultant for Halo/Lee Wayne Corp., would source a selection of luxury gift items for Marriott International's global sales team to choose as awards for its...