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Remembering Bapu: let us practice, not preach Gandhi.
September 1, 2004 ... Every single year since MANUSHI as founded in 1978 we have kept the MANUSHI office open and functioning on Gandhi's birthday, October 2, as a tribute to the memory of Bapu--the greatest karmayogi of our epoch. Among other valuable lessons,...

Unfair criticism: rejoinder to Madhu Kishwar's critique of Anti-Globalisation Brigades.(Debate)
September 1, 2004 ... MANUSHI issue 140'S choice of cover story, "Physician, Heal Thyself" by Madhu Kishwar, with its depiction of the anti-globalisation movement as an urban, elite-based phenomenon, and of Arundhati Roy as its celebrity-driven spokesperson, is...

Respecting peoples' choices: response to Prithvi Sharma's defence of AGBs.
September 1, 2004 ... We deeply value your longstanding friendship with MANUSHI. Therefore, I am really grateful that you chose to express your discomfort with my article openly rather than let it become a cause of silent estrangement. I see no reason why you...

She who must be obeyed Draupadi: the ill-fated one.(Part IV: five holy virgins, five sacred myths)(Cover Story)
September 1, 2004 ... In the first two parts of this quest we explored three of the five kanyas Ahalya, Tara, and Mandodari of the Ramayana, seeking to understand what makes them so special and, while en-route Pritha-Kunti, discovered in the Mahabharata her...

When women take on wage work: a report from Tamil Nadu's Export Processing Zone.
September 1, 2004 ... Our economy has demonstrated an inability to generate much employment in the organized sector; and most of those jobs are in government. Most people make a living in the informal sector; within that sector vast numbers are below the poverty...