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Bearing isolator basics.(MRO INFO)
September 1, 2004 ... If you've ever wondered what the heck a bearing isolator is, "Bearing Isolators 101--What the Heck is a Bearing Isolator" was written just for you. In short, bearing isolators are non-contact, non-wearing, permanent bearing protection...

Portable pressure calibrators.(NEW PRODUCTS)
September 1, 2004 ... The PC6 Pro pressure calibrator comes by itself or as a complete kit, with pneumatic or hydraulic pump, NPT fittings, pressure hose, and carrying case. It applies accurate pressure to a sensor and also reads the current or mV produced by the...

Infrared lubrication systems.(NEW PRODUCTS)
September 1, 2004 ... New infrared lubrication systems offer precise volumetric delivery thanks to PurgeX, a positive-displacement design. Each pump operates independently, allowing for individual adjustment of flow to each lube point. Adjustment of liquid output...

Built-to-order cylinders.(MEDIAMart)
September 1, 2004 ... Brochure provides information on Standard Rod Build Program. Cylinders are configured using standard components to deliver benefit of custom design and quick delivery. Medium- and heavy-duty series available. Provides details on features and...

Revised safety standard.(MRO INFO)
September 1, 2004 ... The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) offers the revised American National Standards Institute Z244.1-2003 standard "Control of Hazardous Energy--Lockout/Tagout and Alternative Methods." The standard details the safety requirements...