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Sigma Xi: Distinguished Lecturers 2018-2019
January 1, 2018 ... FOR THE 80TH CONSECUTIVE YEAR, Sigma Xi presents its panel of Distinguished Lecturers as an opportunity for chapters to host visits from outstanding individuals who are at the leading edge of science. These visitors communicate their insights...

Politicization of Science
January 1, 2018 ... Political science is a respected field of study that can yield benefits to our understanding of how the political process works, but politicization of science is dangerous to our society. I did not think I would need to speak out on this topic,...

Students Research Grant Applications Are Due March 15
January 1, 2018 ... Beginning December 15, undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences or engineering can apply for funding of up to $1,000 each from Sigma Xi's Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) program. Submit the online application at...

Modern Challenges
November 1, 2017 ... A decade ago, the robotic spacecraft Cassini had already become a huge success. It had released its Huygens probe onto Saturn's moon Titan, and it was returning spectacular imagery of the giant planet itself, as well as its other moons. At that...

A Peek at Proprietary Algorithms: Software Increasingly Determines What People See Online or Even How Long They Might Spend in Jail, but Few Can Access How Such Programs Work
November 1, 2017 ... Let's say you start using a music streaming service online. You pick a few songs you like, and the site creates a playlist of similar music for you based on that input, using its huge database of information classifying songs into different...