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Darkness Falls in the Arctic
June 22, 2017 ... Light sea ice has been replaced by dark ocean water. Light snow has given way to dark ground. The Arctic's changing color palette is a sign of the harrowing changes under way. I went to the Arctic for the first time in the summer of 2003 on...

Is Russia Going Hard or Soft in the Arctic?
June 22, 2017 ... In contrast with the internationally widespread stereotype of Russia as a revisionist power in the Arctic, Moscow's future actions in the region are more likely to be fairly pragmatic in nature. Is Russia igniting a new arms race in the Far...

The Challenge of Arctic Governance
June 22, 2017 ... Governance is challenging in any context, but it becomes even more complex when attempted in an area that, until recently, has had little experience with regional decision-making. In June 2013, delegates from across the circumpolar world were...

An Investment Model for the Arctic
June 22, 2017 ... Increased investment and development in the Arctic is inevitable and it's already happening. That is a positive--if it is done the right way. The Arctic is vast--a region of panoramic expanses and glittering landscapes that spans the...

The Arctic Environment in the Age of Man
June 22, 2017 ... The Arctic is hurtling into the Anthropocene, and caribou, walruses, and even mosquitoes are responding. I've driven down this road every single summer for the past decade. It's the longest road in Greenland, and it takes me from...