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Warnings.(First Place * Kurt Vonnegut Fiction Prize)(Fictional Work)
May 1, 2004 ... Spinning the wrong way, knocking over chairs and slender floor lamps, smacking head into bar, losing balance, and disturbing the other dancers, I spoke with my body like my mother before me, her mother before her, and my younger sisters...

Operation Lancaster, 1967.(Poem)
May 1, 2004 ... Operation Lancaster, 1967 1 You notice the small things first, the smell of Sterno-heated C rats, sweat-rotted jungle boots, and dead water in the rice paddies. The blanched sun opens its mouth over the...

From This Room.(Poem)
May 1, 2004 ... From This Room Kafka is destroying the Xerox machine one metal screw at a time, and I am inside a dry heat like the inside of his head, all those voices like girls blowing their noses, all their voices like...

May 1, 2004 ... Girdle I guess at ten I felt privileged to wander my mother's room and watch her get ready to go out, snatching clothing from hooks, leaning into her mirror to layer on the first coat of makeup, dressed only in a...

To Van Gogh: a Confession.(Poem)
May 1, 2004 ... To Van Gogh: A Confession Dear Vincent, I too might have despised you, found you smelly, uncouth and your paintings garish, strange. I might have passed you by on a country road and laughed ...