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Just using brand names doesn't ensure compliance. (compliance with ERISA by salary-reduction savings plans)
September 1, 1994 ... Many players in the 401(k) plan industry continue to misguide plan sponsors on ERISA compliance. In a market driven by product innovation and flash, plan sponsors are being set up for future claims for fiduciary mismanagement under ERISA. These...

For timber investing, money does grow on trees. (pension funds' timberland investments)
September 1, 1994 ... Atlanta--Pension funds see more than the green of leaves when they look at the forest; recently, they have earned a pretty penny from timberland in vestments. As a result, pension funds have upped their investment in the asset class to $3 billion...

Living on the edge. (pension fund's investment risk management strategies) (Cover Story)
September 1, 1994 ... When the Nikkei index was up as much as 45% last year, Wayne Wicker turned to the OTC markets to minimize risk while ensuring some heady returns for the international equity component of his firm's $428 million pension plan portfolio. "With the...

Denver investor's thrill finding growth companies. (Denver Investment Advisors Pres. Todger Anderson) (Interview)
September 1, 1994 ... Mid-cap stocks have received their share of attention during the last couple of years; Standard & Poors recognized the growing market sector of mid-cap issues and officially began tracking them in 1991 in the S&P 400. But Todger...

Choosing investment options? Avoid these 8 pitfalls. (mutual funds as investment options for salary-reduction savings plans)
September 1, 1994 ... Given the popularity of mutual funds as 401(k) investment options and the emphasis on a fund's rating or ranking, plan sponsors naturally gravitate toward the "highly" ranked and rated funds during the fund selection process. Perpetuating the...