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Do you have foreign-language training issues?(Brief Article)
May 1, 2004 ... * Do you have foreign-language training issues? If you have tested language conversion software in the past you may have noticed that safety messages and meaning can get lost in the translation. Many safety pros have told us they like the...

New data: what factors exert the most influence on your safety climate.
May 1, 2004 ... Until now there has been little objective analysis of the elements that influence an organization's safety climate. While we all know what the safety climate is (the perception that employees have regarding the importance of safety at an...

How to address the unique risks facing on-the-go workers.(SAFETY AND SECURITY MEASURES)
May 1, 2004 ... On-the-move employees face unique--and fluctuating--health and safety risks, warned a spectrum of presenters in March at "Challenging Safety Horizons," the 11th Biennial Cascade Occupational Safety and Health Conference in Eugene, Ore. ...

Injury and illness logs: does your recordkeeping run afoul of OSHA rules?(United States. Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
May 1, 2004 ... Safety directors may currently be neglecting to record injuries on OSHA logs, according to new standard interpretation letters posted by the agency in February. The letters reveal that OSHA has a more inclusive perception of the...

Smoking causes adult blindness.(Brief Article)
May 1, 2004 ... * Smoking causes adult blindness. In addition to the other well-known health risks of smoking, researchers from the University of Manchester, U.K., report in a February issue of the British Medical Journal that smokers are up to four times as...