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FY 2009 International Affairs request.(Table)
January 1, 2009 ... FY 2009 INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS REQUEST ($ in thousands) FY 2007 FY 2007 Actual Supplemental INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ...

Multilateral Economic Assistance.
January 1, 2009 ... International Financial Institutions (IFIs) provide loans, grants and investments to developing and transition economies and private sector enterprises in developing countries where risks are too high for private financing alone and where...

International Organizations.
January 1, 2009 ... Contributions to International Organizations (CIO) The FY 2009 request of $1.529 billion for CIO provides funding to pay U.S. assessed membership contributions to 47 international organizations. These include the United Nations, the World...

Related Appropriations.
January 1, 2009 ... The Asia Foundation The Asia Foundation (TAF) is a private, grant-making organization with a longstanding presence in Asia and in-depth knowledge of local institutions and people. TAF's programs at both the policy and grass roots levels...

International Narcotics and Law Enforcement.(Table)
January 1, 2009 ... International Narcotics and Law Enforcement ($ in thousands) FY 2007 FY 2007 FY 2008 Actual Supp Estimate Africa Burkina Faso ...