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The labeled classification and its application.
April 1, 2007 ... Abstract--This paper presents and evaluates a new classification method that aims to improve classifiers performances and speed up their training process. The proposed approach, called labeled classification, seeks to improve convergence of...

Robust artificial neural network architectures.
April 1, 2007 ... Abstract--Many artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are inspired by problem-solving strategies found in nature. Robustness is a key feature in many natural systems. This paper studies robustness in artificial neural networks (ANNs) and...

Asynchronous parallel distributed genetic algorithm with elite migration.
April 1, 2007 ... Abstract--In most of the popular implementation of Parallel GAs the whole population is divided into a set of subpopulations, each subpopulation executes GA independently and some individuals are migrated at fixed intervals on a ring...

Identification of aircraft gas turbine engine's temperature condition.
April 1, 2007 ... Abstract-Groundlessness of application probability-statistic methods are especially shown at an early stage of the aviation GTE technical condition diagnosing, when the volume of the information has property of the fuzzy, limitations,...

Digital filters for Hot-Mix Asphalt complex modulus test data using genetic algorithm strategies.
January 1, 2007 ... Abstract--The dynamic or complex modulus test is considered to be a mechanistically based laboratory test to reliably characterize the strength and load-resistance of Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) mixes used in the construction of roads. The most...