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Founded in 1897, Pharmacy Times is a monthly journal published and owned by Ascend Media. The journal has an audience of over 180,000 readers and provides information on prescription and over-the-counter drugs and surgical supplies to independent, chain and hospital pharmacists. Dr. Bill Schu is the Editorial Director and Lauren Green is the Associate Editor.

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Can You Read These Rxs? (August 2017)
August 1, 2017 ... AUGUST 31, 2017 View as Slideshow Rx 1 Pharmacist Aubrey Moreau, PharmD, of Kmart Pharmacy in Silver Spring, Maryland, had to verify this prescription with the nurse practitioner who wrote it. Can you decipher it? Rx 1 Answer ...

Cancer and Pain: Opportunities to Optimize Patient Care
August 1, 2017 ... SEPTEMBER 03, 2017 The lifetime probability of developing cancer is 38% for women and 42% for men, (1) which translates into millions of individuals who need the latest information on this disease, as well as compassionate care and...

Self-Care for Pain
August 1, 2017 ... SEPTEMBER 03, 2017 CASE 1:CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME Q: MG is a 28-year-old woman who comes to the pharmacy questioning which vitamins are important to take daily. She has been suffering from pain, numbness, and tingling in the thumb and wrist...

USP 800: A Primer for Community Pharmacists
August 1, 2017 ... AUGUST 25, 2017 In the evolving world of pharmacy practice, many are asking what is included in the key provisions of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) 800 when it comes to transport, storage, preparation, and compounding. ...

Filling Prescriptions under False Names
August 1, 2017 ... AUGUST 30, 2017 The issue of writing prescriptions using an alias has entered the spotlight following the overdose death of acclaimed musician Prince last year. A doctor allegedly wrote prescriptions using a different name to safeguard...