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Insufficient use of Albanian language: no legal barriers for the law on languages.(Koha (daily))
October 9, 2009 ... There is no legal barrier for the Law on Languages, Xhevad Ademi from BDI estimates in Koha and demands greater engagement of mayors of ethnic-Albanian municipalities and of intellectuals. According to Ademi, the Albanian language is not...

Contradictions in BDI: inner debates provoked by Congress.(Koha (daily))
October 9, 2009 ... BDI is going to hold its Congress after electing party organs, stated Vice-President Teuta Arifi. According to Arifi, the political party is to strengthen its influence in the government and to impose its European integration policy. She...

Encyclopedia Of The Republic of Macedonia, not Macedonian Encylopedia: analysts demand respect of multi-ethnical society.(Lajm (daily))
October 9, 2009 ... The reality of Macedonia is often covered up by Macedonian politics. Macedonia is comprised of many entities which make it a multi-ethnic country. However, this diversity is fading considering how various institutions, documents and works are...

BDI and DR on the same election list!? If early elections are held in March 2010.(Fakti (daily))
October 9, 2009 ... In case there are early elections in March or April next year, it is speculated that there is a chance for BDI and DR to form coalition and to run with the same election list. This is to encourage ethnic-Albanian voters disappointed by the...

Knut Vollebaek, OBSCE high commissioner on national minorities.(Alsat-M TV news (8 October))
October 9, 2009 ... - Knut Vollebaek, OBSCE high commissioner on national minorities, presented on Thursday the document for integrated education.