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Contract Pharma is a journal that is publised 9 times a year. It was founded in 1999 and is published by Rodman Publishing. The journal publishes information on research, development, and progress in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, focusing on contract services and outsourcers from these industries. Its audience include pharmacists, biopharmacists, and industry professionals.The publication is edited by Gil Y. Roth. Its publisher is Gary Durr of Rodman Publishing.

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Healthcare deform: plus: Goethe inspires me to tweet!(FROM THE EDITOR)
September 1, 2009 ... I'VE DONE A BANG-UP JOB of staying out of this summer's rancorous "debates" over healthcare reform, and plan to stay on that path. So don't try to get me wound up. The thing is, I don't doubt the sincerity of citizens on both sides of...

Catalent launches clinical services unit: PE firm buys AAIPharma's drug development unit.(TOP OF THE NEWS)(Company overview)
September 1, 2009 ... Catalent Launches Clinical Services Unit Catalent Pharma Solutions has launched its Development and Clinical Services unit. A new business segment dedicated to helping customers bring new pharmaceutical and biologic products to market,...

Clinical trials code of conduct: protecting human subjects and preserving research integrity.(FDA WATCH)
September 1, 2009 ... ON OCTOBER 1, 2009, THE PHARMACEUTICAL industry's newly revised code of conduct governing clinical trial research becomes effective. This code of conduct, Principles on Conduct of Clinical Trials and Communication of Clinical Trial Results,...

Failing to learn: the importance of failure.(FINANCIAL ANALYSIS)
September 1, 2009 ... IT'S AXIOMATIC THAT MOST NEW DRUG development efforts fail. Only a handful of the compounds a preclinical researcher works on throughout a 30-year career will ever become marketed pharmaceutical products. The odds of success may be higher for...

Dealing with bosses: you can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em.(MANAGING YOUR CAREER)
September 1, 2009 ... BOSSES ARE SOMETHING, AREN'T THEY? One day you feel fantastic because of that pat on the back in the project meeting. The next day you ace agonizing over something said in a hallway, wondering what it meant and whether your hopes for that...