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Creating a culture of evaluation at the Department of State.
January 1, 2008 ... The Department has undertaken a comprehensive assessment of evaluations and evaluative studies carried out by missions and bureaus on programs and projects relevant to the agency's strategic goals. This development of baseline information on...

The President's Management Agenda.(Barack Obama)(Brief article)
January 1, 2008 ... The President's Management Agenda (PMA) is the President's program for improving the management and performance of the federal government, with a focus on results. The PMA contains five government-wide and nine agency-specific initiatives...

Strategic goal 7: strengthening consular and management capabilities.(Report)
January 1, 2008 ... Capabilities Assist Americans citizens to travel, conduct business and live abroad securely, and ensure a high quality workforce supported by modern, secure infrastructure and operational capabilities. 1. Public Benefit. The...

Appendix A: budget highlights.
January 1, 2008 ... The Department of State is committed to demonstrating the relationship between its budget resources and the performance of the programs that these budgets support. For the second consecutive year, the Department is participating in the Pilot...

The Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART).
January 1, 2008 ... OMB's Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) is used by agencies across the Federal government to assess program performance and to drive a sustained focus on program results. A key component of the President's Management Agenda, PART...