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Known previously as Carpet and Floorcoverings Review, Carpet (and) Flooring Retail (CFR) is a monthly journal owned and published by CMP Information Ltd. Founded in 1946, its editorial headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.This journal covers topics important to those individuals in the carpet industry, including retail and wholesale salespeople, manufacturers and all related fields. Articles focus on domestic and soft contract carpet as well as other floor covering options.

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Anything shows: Rival race.
October 15, 2007 ... The trade gets together in the UK collectively for three days a year in September in Harrogate. So imagine my and the show's exhibitors reaction when we heard that a non exhibitor at the National Floor Show had reportedly organised a day at...

Analysis: Who polices the ombudsman?
October 15, 2007 ... An unintended consequence of the change in regulation around the FOS means flooring retailers offering credit on purchases can be held to ransom by unscrupulous consumers seeking to complain The much-vaunted reform of the Financial...

FLOORING INDUSTRY AWARDS 2007: Best trade marketing campaign.
October 15, 2007 ... WINNER: Rugs with Flair Rugs with Flair impressed the trade with its attractive and informative adverts which readers of CFR will no doubt have noticed at regular intervals through the year. Voters particularly liked the large pictures...

FLOORING INDUSTRY AWARDS 2007: Best sheet vinyl/linoleum.
October 15, 2007 ... WINNER: Rhinofloor Armstrong UK manufacturer Armstrong has been drawing plaudits for both product and marketing this year. The retailer's favourite vinyl, Rhinofloor, usefully tapped into the desire for tough, grippy surfaces. Consumers...

Pricing review: Crisis of confidence?
October 15, 2007 ... Over-competitive markets, cheap imports or fickle consumer trends? What are the reasons behind the current changes in pricing structures across the flooring markets, asks Ruth Pringle As a flooring specialist, how do you decide how to...