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Pet Products News is a magazine covering pet industry news. Since it was founded in 1946, it is printed monthly. The magazine is published by Fancy Publications - A Division of Bowtie, Inc. Subjects for Pet Products News include pets. The editor is Sherri Collins.

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Interest in Alternative and Complementary Medicine Soars.
June 1, 2000 ... The pet industry responds to consumer demand for alternative care with natural foods, supplements and acupuncture. ABOUT HALF of all the money Americans spend on healthcare is going to Eastern alternative and complementary medicine,... Launches Private-Label food.
June 1, 2000 ... The online retailer looks to beef up profits with its own line of super-premium foods. San Francisco, Calif.-based, an online provider of pet products and information, has introduced its Pets.complete line of super-premium...

Go Fish!
June 1, 2000 ... A national marketing campaign to promote the fish hobby seeks pet industry support. SURVEYS SHOW that the fish hobby has been losing popularity over the past few years. It is estimated that nearly one in 10 U.S. households keep fish as...

The World Gets First IQ Test for Dogs.
June 1, 2000 ... Perhaps folks will soon substitute the phrase "As smart as a whip" with "As smart as a dog," once pet owners learn how to evaluate their dog's intelligence with the world's first IQ test for dogs. Created by Dr. Stanley Coren, a...

Coastal Rewards Retailer with a Harley at PIDA 2000.
June 1, 2000 ... Jeffrey Paquette, owner of Pet Corner in Leominster, Mass., was the Grand Prize winner for Coastal Pet Products Inc.'s authorized dealer contest at the H.H. Backer Show in Atlantic City, N.J. The prize: a Harley- Davidson Sportster 2000...