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Focus & mental clarity.(HERBS & SUPPLEMENTS)(Brief article)
March 1, 2010 ... {B complex} B vitamins help promote proper brain function by producing energy in cells, maintaining healthy red blood cells and nervous tissue, and metabolizing long-chain fatty acids. Recent research shows that supplementing with B vitamins can...

Budget dining: spend a little, enjoy a lot with low-cost, no-fuss dinners.(quick & easy)(Recipe)
March 1, 2010 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 30 MINUTES staff favorite Apricot-Glazed Chicken with Prunes and Carrots Serves 4 / A one-pan dish that's simple and flexible. Prep tips: No carrots? Try parsnips. No prunes? Use dried apricots....

Detox: lose weight and gain energy with these cleansing foods recipes.(Recipe)
March 1, 2010 ... Why detox? And what does it mean? It's about cleaning up. Toxins enter your body through the air, water, conventionally produced foods, chemicals in cleaners, plastics ... and the list goes on. Over time, these toxins build up in your tissues,...

Colombia fresca: vibrant, healthy, organic dishes from South America.
March 1, 2010 ... If there is one word I associate with Colombian food, it is fresh. This food-loving country lies close to the equator, meaning that Colombia's citizens enjoy an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables year-round. Add to that fortuitous...

Fend off seasonal allergies: help your children breathe easy with tips to boost immunity and avoid triggers.(family)
March 1, 2010 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Ah, signs of spring--longer days, crocuses popping up, and ... sneezing. For one in seven U.S. children, the symptoms of seasonal allergies start now and can last through the fall. Seasonal allergies (also known as hay...