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Backpacker Magazine, subtitled The Magazine of Wilderness Travel,founded in 1973, is a magazine of self-propelled, low impact, wilderness travel, primarily in North America, published 9 times a year by Backpacker Magazine, in Boulder, Colo.

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60 Minute Fixes : Chicago.(outdoor activities in Chicago)
July 1, 2007 ... Byline: Lord, Morgan 60 Minute Fixes : Chicago By Morgan Lord Given all the urban things that Chicago's famous for--the blues, crooked pols, beleaguered Cubs fans, Ferris Bueller--it might seem out of character to have a motto...

Top 3 : Volcano Hikes.(Capulin, Mount St. Helens, Crater Lake )
July 1, 2007 ... Byline: Kricfalusi, Elizabeth Top 3 : Volcano Hikes By Elizabeth Kricfalusi The hills are alive? The three mountains here sure were, but that wasn't the sound of music down there--that was the grinding of tectonic plates and the...

Perfect Day : Blue Ridge Mountains, VA.(hiking thru the Pacific Crest Trail)(Calendar)
July 1, 2007 ... Byline: Hyde-Keller, O'Rya Perfect Day : Blue Ridge Mountains, VA Text by O'rya hyde-Keller Sixty-six days. That's how long it took David Horton to rip off his record-setting thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. And it's not...

3 ways to see Cape Cod.(Buyers guide)
July 1, 2007 ... Byline: Suppes, Lesley 3 ways to see Cape Cod By Lesley Suppes Backpack Hike a huge salt-marsh ecosystem Widely known fact: The Cape is bumper-to-bumper from Memorial to Labor Day. Not so widely trodden is the Sandy Neck...

Best damn weekend ever: Hike Colorado's Mount of the Holy Cross.
July 1, 2007 ... Byline: Johnson, Steve Best damn weekend ever: Hike Colorado's Mount of the Holy Cross By Steve Johnson Its straight-off-a-catholic-church moniker may lead you to joke otherwise, but this venerable peak wasn't named in honor of...