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A tale of two trails: shaking the dirt pedestal.(START HERE)
November 1, 2009 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES ... IT REALLY WAS. Thirty of us ripping on some of the most pristine, loamy, swoopy singletrack any of us had ever ridden. Pine needles, flicked from our tires, bounced off our shins and ...

November 1, 2009 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] This kicker was truly isolated. After a 6 a.m. Tim Hortons run, a one-hour four-by-four drive and an hour-long quad ride with four guys and two bikes piled high on the vehicle, we arrived just in time for daybreak...

The scene: hangin' with the tall boys.(SPLATTER)
November 1, 2009 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] THERE ARE NO FLYERS or web sites dedicated to the Tall Boy Ride, but the event is an institution in Bellingham, Washington. Every Wednesday evening at around 6:30, riders begin to trickle into a clearing just off...

How 'bout them apples? All hail the longest-running mountain bike race.(SPLATTER)
November 1, 2009 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] UNLESS YOU'RE A MOUNTAIN BIKE HISTORY BUFF OR SPEND lots of time surfing the Internet, the Road Apple Rally's logo is likely an enigma. The cartoon caricature depicts a horse-powered bicycle (pun intended) plowing...

What's on tap?(SPLATTER)(Calendar)
November 1, 2009 ... OCTOBER 15-18 The Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race offers more than 38,000 quad-burning feet of elevation gain in just four masochistic days. Located in North Carolina's lush Pisgah National Forest, the race gives riders a chance to show...