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Internal Affairs Minister, 160 Lawmakers Visit War-Linked Yasukuni
October 21, 2013 ... TOKYO, Oct. 18 Kyodo (EDS: INCORPORATING EARLIER STORY HEADLINED 'INTERNAL AFFAIRS MINISTER SHINDO VISITS YASUKUNI SHRINE') Japan's internal affairs minister and around 160 lawmakers on Friday visited the Yasukuni Shrine during the annual...

UPDATE4: Abe Sends Offering to Yasukuni Shrine, Refrains from Visiting
October 21, 2013 ... TOKYO, Oct. 17 Kyodo (EDS: UPDATING WITH BACKGROUND, SOUTH KOREA'S REACTION) Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent an offering to the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo for its annual autumn festival starting Thursday but refrained from visiting...

Fleshing out Abenomics at Stake as Japan Diet Starts 53-Day Session
October 21, 2013 ... TOKYO, Oct. 15 Kyodo (EDS: TO BE UPDATED) The Diet will convene a 53-day extraordinary session Tuesday with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe aiming to pass bills to supplement his "Abenomics" policies to fight chronic deflation. The session,...

Ospreys Used for 1st Time in U.S.-Japan Joint Drills outside Okinawa
October 21, 2013 ... TOKYO, Oct. 16 Kyodo Japan and the United States conducted joint drills Wednesday using MV-22 Osprey aircraft in Shiga Prefecture in western Japan, the first training outside Okinawa using the controversial tilt-rotor aircraft. The...

Japanese, Other Abductees May Be under Surveillance in Pyongyang
October 21, 2013 ... SEOUL, Oct. 16 Kyodo A Japanese woman kidnapped by North Korea is under special surveillance in Pyongyang along with 50 abductees from the South, in line with an order by leader Kim Jong Un, a support group for relatives of South Korean...