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Elite JTF-2 troops join Canadians in Kabu: Secret Mission.(World)
August 23, 2003 ... KABUL * The elite commandos of Joint Task Force 2 are operating in Afghanistan as part of the Canadian contingent of soldiers to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the Department of National Defence confirmed yesterday. ...

PM supports building of $14.1M arena in Shawinigan.(Canada)
August 23, 2003 ... OTTAWA * As Jean Chretien prepares for his retirement from politics, the Prime Minister is supporting an effort to have a new $14.1-million hockey arena built in his Shawinigan hometown. The city of Shawinigan is asking the federal...

'Affordable' homes that cost $3-million.(Review)
August 23, 2003 ... The barrel-chested man bounds out of the front door, a hand extended. "Hello, I'm Coco." Is this really the man starting a revolution in the Hamptons, the most exclusive holiday resort in the United States? Wearing a faded T-shirt and old...

10,000 flee Kelowna, B.C., blaze: homes ablaze in affluent suburb; smoke chokes city.(Canada)
August 23, 2003 ... KELOWNA, B.C * A forest fire raging out of control has forced 10,000 people from their homes in Kelowna, British Columbia's third-largest city, and 3,000 more are on the verge of fleeing. A thick pall of smoke hung over the city of 96,000...

10,000 flee Kelowna, B.C., blaze: Ash falls around us; this house is threatened.(News)
August 23, 2003 ... KELOWNA, B.C. * Ash is falling, all around us. The sky is an unspeakable, impenetrable grey; the sun, a surreal orange ball. The fire burns closer. The sprawling house in which I sit, writing this, is on the frontline, with a clear view...