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Paying friends, family members, or strangers to be home-based personal assistants: how satisfied are consumers?(Report)
March 22, 2008 ... This study describes consumers who hire friends, family members, or strangers as paid personal assistants and compares service satisfaction among the three groups. From surveying 511 consumers of self-directed home care services, the authors...

The potential for multi-modal approaches to reading for students with disabilities as found in state reading standards.(Report)
March 22, 2008 ... This article examines topics found in reading standards for K-12 education and then examines the standards from a perspective of accessibility for students with a variety of sensory and learning disabilities. The article begins by first...

A managed care model for Latino adults with chronic illness and disability: results of the Brightwood Health Center intervention.(Case study)
March 22, 2008 ... The authors evaluated a managed care model developed for use by community-based providers to improve health care outcomes for low-income Latinos with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Through this model, Medicaid enrollees with special...

Conference calendar.(Calendar)
March 22, 2008 ... March 2008 March 19-21, 2008. National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality, 7th Annual Conference. Miami, FL. Contact: 866/787-0832; e-mail:; Web site: March 24-28, 2008. American...

Protecting people with decisional impairments and legal incapacity against biomedical research abuse.(Report)
March 22, 2008 ... Ethical and legal principles are provided for reviewing the ethics of recent cases of biomedical research abuse involving persons with decisional impairments or legal incapacity who were unable to understand the risks and benefits of the...